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Also known as the Spirit of ISU, the Athletics Bands at Idaho State are the most dedicated, visible, and energetic organizations at Idaho State University. Whether we are at a football, basketball game or pep rally, the athletic bands are there to exhibit pride and school spirit at every event. Fans welcome the powerful performances, and members love being involved with something great where they can develop friendships that will last a lifetime. We hope that you will be part of our proud tradition and exciting future! Go Bengals!

Section Leader Application

Thank you for your interest in being a section leader!  Section leaders play an extremely important role in the overall success of the marching band and only those who are serious about making a positive contribution will be considered.  There are three types of section leader positions available.  Please read the descriptions below and apply for whatever you feel confident in doing.  You may choose one or all three, and it is likely that some of you will be chosen to fill more than one position. All section leaders are rewarded with additional scholarship.

1. Spirit Tech (Sophmore-Senior)
Perhaps the toughest and most rewarding!  Ideally, there should be a Spirit Tech for each section. Spirit Tech section leaders are responsible for promoting a positive attitude within their section and should help motivate their section to strive for the shared goals set by the director and drum majors.  Spirit Tech section leaders are also responsible for making sure their section is wearing the uniform properly and participating in game etiquette or other full band events.

2. Music Tech (Sophmore-Senior)
First, you should be very proficient at your primary instrument and have a confident knowledge of basic musical concepts.  Music Tech section leaders will be asked to rehearse smaller sections to fix notes, rhythms, tone, phrasing and strive for a unison sound.  Music Tech section leaders may be asked to tech their primary instrument only or their primary and "like" instruments.  (ie. trumpet only or trumpet and mellophone)

3. Marching Tech (Freshman-Senior)
Marching Tech section leader spots are limited and reserved for those who have acquired specialized knowledge through "corp" level experience or equivalent.  Marching Techs must be able to model and properly teach marching technique effectively.  While each instrument may have different carriage technique, proper posture, body control, and movement should be unison across the band.

3. Drum Major (Sophmore-Senior)
Drum Majors should be proficient in the combination of ALL THREE descriptions listed above. In addition to those duties, drum majors should expect and desire to have the greatest responsiblities put on them as requested by the director. This includes the responsibilty of having access to Holt Arena and the band storage area. Drum majors should expect to meet frequently with the director as scheduled for rehearsal and gameday preparations. Being drum major is hard work so only those with a strong work ethic and the highest standards shoud apply.

Marching Instrument:
Fall Class Status:
Applying For: Spirit Tech • Music Tech • Marching Tech • Drum Major
What leadership positions or experience do you have in marching band, work, clubs, etc.
Describe what you think are the characteristics of a great student leader.
Why do you want to be a section leader and how do you think you could help the band accomplish its goals.



Over $100,000 in scholarship money is available each year to music majors and non-music majors enrolled in ISU performing groups.

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Common Questions

Many students have the same questions as you do when thinking about joining the band. Here are some answers to the most common questions.

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